Established in 2003, AMW has grown steadily each year, gaining a reputation for providing our customers value for money by delivering low risk, high quality deliverables and services. The company’s reputation is largely attributed to its use of impeccably skilled, experienced and highly motivated low maintenance staff using an innovative business and service delivery model.

Our long term strategic portfolio of customers, demonstrating AMW’s significant relevant experience and service delivery expertise, include:

  • Defence Intelligence and Security Group (I&SG)
  • Defence Disposals Agency
  • Director Minor Capital Projects
  • Department of Health and Ageing
  • Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG/DSTO)
  • Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG/DMO)
  • Capability Development Group (CDG)
  • Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation (RPDE) program
  • Capability Defence Executive (CDE)

AMW works exclusively “above the line” ensuring 100% independent, candid and integrity proof advice, services, solutions and deliverables.

Current and Recent Customers

CASG – A broad spectrium of specialist engineering (radar, EW, HF, C4I, Combat Systems, Safety, Software, Naval Architect and Platform System), logistic, T&E, Risk & Quality Management  and Project Support resources for CASG program offices including: LSPSPO, MEWSPO, TEWSPO, LHDSPO, GTSPO, I&SSPO, TIEIO, PPBSPO, HSPO, FFGSPO, ANZAC SPO, GTE SPO, NGW SPO, 1QMS SPO, LSDSPO, NIPO, BCSPO and SEA1000.

CIOG – Engineering, Project Management, Business Analytics, Transition (FISSO) and Certification management

Customs and Border Protection – ILS, Engineering Management, Platform Engineering and Operational Support

CDG – Rapid Prototype, Development and Evaluation (RPDE) program – Providing Core Technical, Activity Management, ICT, Analyitical and Administration Staff. Participated in providing key resources in many specific Quicklooks and Tasks including:

  • QL023 – ADF Electronic Warfare Capability Development Strategy
  • T057 – AIR5405 Air Battle Management (ABM) System Study
  • T039 – Internet Text Messaging on AEW&C Aircraft
  • T025 – IED Detection
  • T024 – System Assurance Task
  • T013 – Networked ASW
  • QL055 – CIOG IDA Layer
  • QL126 – Joint Fires in the Exploratory Force
  • QL103 – SEA5000 – Future Frigate
  • QL102 – Accelerated Acquisition 1st to 2nd Pass Study
  • QL075 – Energy Requirements for Forward Operating Bases
  • QL057 – Collins Class Submarine LAN Networks

DSTG – Strategic and Tactical Electronic Warfare studies and support, Project Management, Technical and Business Support resources.

Intelligence and Security Group including (I&SG) – AGO and ASD including: ICT Capability Development Documentation, Contracting, Procurement, Systems Engineering, Technical and Project Management Support

Raytheon Australia – AWD Alliance including Systems and Safety Engineering and Naval Architect support resources

TransPower New Zealand – Risk and Software Product assessments

Hewlett Packard – AMW ICT resources to support major ICT Projects for DMO and CIOG including: Program and Project Managers, Infrastructure Managers, Systems, Network, Software, Infrastructure and Hardware Engineers, Technical Solutions Architects, CRM Specialists and Technical writers

Defence Disposals Agency – Procurement, Project Management and Contracting resources

Department of Health and Ageing – Procurement, Project Management and Contracting resources

Director Minor Capital Projects – Engineering and Technical Risk Management resources


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